Dental Bridges in Moody, AL

Missing teeth are no laughing matter; they can have not only an effect on your dental health but on your smile. Specifically, missing teeth can cause:
  • A shift in the alignment of your teeth
  • Increased risk of periodontal disease
  • Increased risk of tooth decay
  • Loss of adjacent teeth
  • Speech disorders
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

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What are the benefits of dental bridges?

Placing bridges serve a restorative purpose in addition to a cosmetic purpose. Dental bridges improve your ability to chew and speak as well as helping your smile. According to a recent study in the Journal of American Dental Association, dental bridges have been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of losing teeth adjacent to a missing tooth. Additionally, dental bridges help to keep your jaw and face from changing shape as often happens when a person is missing teeth.

What types of bridges are there?

There are several types of bridges:
  • Cantilever bridges: used to replace a tooth that does not have supporting teeth on both sides of the affected area
  • Maryland bonded bridges: include artificial teeth and gums, and are held in place by a metal frame
  • Traditional bridges: bridge the gap of an empty tooth space by securing a false tooth using crowns on the teeth on either side -these are the most common

How are dental bridges placed?

The installation of dental bridges typically takes two visits. First, your dentist determines if you are a good candidate for a dental bridge and then sets to work preparing, reshaping and reconstructing any badly damaged or decayed areas. Next your dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends it off to a lab where it is cast into a mold and gives you a temporary bridge to wear. On your follow-up visit, this mold will be fitted to your teeth while any adjustments or corrections will be made on the same visit.

How long do dental bridges last?

Dental bridges last typically from 8 to 15 years and can last even longer if you brush and floss regularly.

Are bridges covered by my dental insurance?

Dental bridges are usually partially covered by insurers. Speak with your dentist to find out exactly how much you will have to pay out of pocket. Talk to us aboutdental bridgestoday in Moody, AL.


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What Our Patients Say

I do not dread going to the dentist anymore. You do have to wait sometimes but that is part of life, things happen, if you were the one in the chair would you want them to rush you to get done or out the door just so someone whos time is so "valuable" they cant prepare their day for a dentist visit? Also if you go to a Dr's office that is not busy what does that really say if noone is there. If the place is busy it must be because everyone likes it and wants to be there. The Dr's have been amazing and take their time to make sure you are treated right amd completely. They call and check on you after a procedure. They have fun with you to lighten the mood. The staff really works hard to make sure you understand the cost and your options and work with you for your decision not just "what they want to do", it is all your choice. The hygienist are some of the nicest people I have ever met and always treat me and my kids wonderfully. I cannot reccomend this office enough if you are looking for a Dentist. Dr Roberson is who I have used but I havent heard anything bad about any of them.
I went there today and the staff was amazing and super friendly. The receptionist, Hygientist, and even dentist were all courteous and willing to take time with me, which is rare around the holidays with it being so busy. Definitely recommend them and I will use them for further dental emergencies.
First, this is one of the best dental offices I have ever been to! Easy scheduling and appointments are not booked out months in advance. The staff is professional and knowledgeable! Cannot be more thrilled with our experiences at the Dental Office or Moody! Thank you all for making us feel at ease instead of tense when being at the dentist. Five out of five stars!
The staff is very friendly, polite and helpful. I have been going there for years. Today I had Erica for my cleaning. She was very informative about things she saw in my mouth. She complimented me on the condition of my teeth for my age. I’d recommend this office to anyone.
Today was my second visit and I am very pleased with my experience so far! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. As someone who has high anxiety at dental offices, they have made me feel at ease and comfortable. I look forward to coming again.
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